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“This map is in honor of all the Indigenous Nations [of colonial states]. It seeks to encourage people — Native and non-Native — to remember that these were once a vast land of autonomous Native peoples, who called the land by many different names according to their languages and geography. The hope is that it instills pride in the descendants of these People, brings an awareness of Indigenous history and remembers the Nations that fought and continue to fight valiantly to preserve their way of life.”


Start a discussion:

  • What are the difficulties when it comes to mapping Indigenous territories?
  • How does the modern idea of a ‘nation-state’ relate to Indigenous nations?
  • Who defines national boundaries, and who defines a nation?
  • What sources are being used, and what biases are in those sources?
  • How have colonial maps attempted to disposses Indigenous people of their land?
  • What is Indigeneity? Who counts as Indigenous?